Exotic Pens by The Chadbourne Woodshop

Exotic Specialty Pens
While wood provides for unique and beautiful pens, other materials can also be used also to create truly exquisite writing instruments. The light reflecting property of Green Abalone and Mother of Pearl create a depth of beauty not achievable with wood. Snakeskin provides a rugged, natural look while retaining elegance and style. As with all of our pens, these fine writing instuments are individually turned with extreme care and quality in mind. All of our Specialty Exotic pens include a card indicating the pen number, date it was made, and signature of either artist.

The term "acrylic encased" means that the material, Mother of Pearl for example, is attached to a tube, which is then encased in a clear acrylic block by our supplier. We then carefully turn the acrylic to size on a lathe using hand tools. A light touch and extreme patience is required to turn these marvelous pens, as the acrylic is quite difficult to work with.

Please note all the pens you see pictured here are the actual pens you would receive when making a purchase. Also, every pen here is available at the craft shows we attend. There is a possibility that a pen may be sold at a show, but still be listed here. We will update these listings immediately following each show in order to keep this site as accurate as possible.