Wooden Fountain Pens by The Chadbourne Woodshop

Fountain Pens
Nothing invokes an aura of elegance and sophistication like a fountain pen. Add to this the natural beauty of wood and you have a writing instrument that is a pleasure to use and a wonder to behold.

Classic American Fountain Pens
A slim elegant pen featuring a postable cap and a light, comfortable feel.
Jr. Gentlemen's Fountain Pens
Smaller than the Gentlemen's Fountain pen, the Jr. Gentlemen's Fountain Pen has a nice weight and offers an excellent writing experience.
Gentlemen's Fountain Pens
A large desk pen with excellent balance and a bit of weight.
Jr. Statesman Fountain Pens
An elegant improvement to the Jr. Gentlemen's Fountain Pen that adds style and beauty to an already gorgeous pen.
Stateman Fountain Pens
By adding ornate insets and center band to the Gentlemen's Fountain Pen, the Stateman Fountain Pen makes a great pen even better.
Imperial Fountain Pens
The finest wooden fountain pen we offer. This amazing desk pen is large and well balanced. The large barrels and nice weight of the Imperial Fountain Pen make it a functional work of art.