Rollerball Pens

Rollerball Pens
Rollerball pens offer a smooth, liquid writing experience lacking in a ballpoint pen. Our rollerball pens are sophisticated and practical. They are excellent for the business person who wants a professional look, while retaining confidence in a writing instrument they can use for years.

Our rollerball pens are available in a wide assortment of woods. Select the pen style, plating, and wood species and we will turn a one of a kind pen just for you.

Custom Jr. Gentlemen's Rollerball Pen
Smaller than the Gentlemen's Rollerball pen, the Jr. Gentlemen's Rollerball pen has a nice weight and offers an excellent writing experience.
Custom Gentlemen's Rollerball Pen
A large desk pen with excellent balance and a bit of weight.
Custom Jr Statesman Rollerball Pen
An elegant improvement to the Jr. Gentlemen's Rollerball Pen that adds style and beauty to an already gorgeous pen.
Custom Statesman Rollerball Pen
By adding ornate insets and center band to the Gentlemen's Rollerball Pen, the Stateman Rollerball Pen makes a great pen even better.
Custom Cambridge Rollerball Pen
A larger pen featuring sterling silver fittings and ornate accents.
Custom Imperial Rollerball Pen
The finest wooden rollerball pen we offer. This amazing desk pen is large and well balanced. The large barrels and nice weight of the Imperial Rollerball Pen show off the beauty of the wood while providing an enjoyable writing experience.